• Winter Skin Care

    What’s happened to winter? So far it hasn’t turned out as predicted.  This week it’s been in the 40’s and possibly 50’s come this weekend. I found ticks on Roxie and Max.  The lilac tree has buds on it!!  What the heck has happened to winter??!!? I like the snow.  I love skiing - cross country an...
  • New Year. New You?

    What happened in 2019?  What will 2020 bring?  Go to the blog post to find out.


  • Stressful Holidays??

    Happy New Year!Did you enjoy the holidays or were they stressful?Were they a blur?From Thanksgiving right up until Jan. 11th life has been very full. It was non-stop and felt like a blur.  There were times of stress - broughton by me.  Making products from scratch...I love it, yet during the hol...