New Year. New You?

2020!  Can you dig it?
I love the beginning of the New Year. 
I like to review the great things that happened, professionally & personally,
the year that ended.
Then I make a plan of the new, and exciting projects I'd love to see happen in
This isn’t about making resolutions.  I dropped that years ago.
It created too much shame & blame when I couldn’t stick with
whatever the resolution was.  Resolutions inherently come with some
type of deprivation.

2019 Review:

1.  Created more workspace in the studio by moving the massage table out and creating a cozy, nurturing treatment space in the house.  I painted the walls Malachite Green!  It’s such a rich, healing color.  It took 6 COATS of paint, y’all!!  I painted the ceiling to look like the sky!  I had so much fun painting white clouds and added silver glitter paint.  There’s also a string of lights around the room.  It’s awesome.

2.  Painted my desk with chalk paint!  This is another creative venue I love.

3.  You’re LOVING the new Revive line!  It’s for those who want to EMBR•AGE™ (embrace aging).

4.  You’re taking advantage of the LOVE REWARDS.  When you create an account you earn points for various activities.  Want to know more about the LOVE REWARDS?  Shoot me an email at info@madewithloveskincare.  Put LOVE REWARDS in the subject line.  You’ll get an email showing you how to sign up. 

2020 Plan:

1.  Getting the Clarity Acne line out there to the people who are suffering from teen and adult acne because this line is the bomb-diggity!!  I've had people with acne try it out and they've watched their skin clear up...naturally.  

2. Creating a facial massage tutorial/class online.  This is an easy way to EMBR•AGE™ (embrace aging).  I’ll teach you how to lift your face without going under the knife.

3.  Have a “Clean Up Your Personal Care Products” challenge - teach you what chemicals you need to be aware of that are in your personal care products that aren’t good for your health.

4.  Formulate a new product.  I have an idea of what I’d like to make next AND I value your input.  Is there something you wish I would make?   Just so you know, SUNSCREEN has been a big request over the years.  I won’t be making sunscreen.  Yet.  It requires testing on a big level to verify the SPF.  I may make sunscreen with a general SPF.  Let me know what you think about this idea.  If you share your LOVE of our products with your friends and family and they start using them…you get where I’m going with this. 

5.  I’m toying with the idea of customization of aromas for body crèmes, roll-on perfumes, and essential oils blends.  This Christmas I gave aromatherapy diffusers to my and my guy’s nieces.   Instead of giving them a single note essential oil to use in the diffuser I decided to have fun with it.  I meditated and asked what would be the best blend for each person.  For each niece, I got a list of aromas.  I was blown away with their reaction.  They each said how much the essential oils picked were perfect for them!  What do you think?  Would you be interested in customized products by meditating and connecting with your amazing essence?  Let me know what you think!

With Love + Gratitude,

Michele T.

Crème Artisan. Alchemist. Helper of Beautiful Skin. Naturally!


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    Love your 2020 plan! #2, I need that! #3, Information is the key! Hair products have many chemicals, I’ve gone organic to avoid them. #4 general SPF, good idea.

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