Made With Love Natural Skin Care
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Made With Love Natural Skin Care

100% natural, herbal skin care products that nourish your skin!

Lovely, this is what’s possible for you:

Loving how good your skin looks + feels.
Confidently aging; beautifully, gracefully + naturally.
Knowing MWL products are safe for the planet.
Knowing what you’re putting on your skin is safe + toxic-free for you + your family.
Getting compliments from friends and random strangers how your skin is glowing!
Feeling your skin say “Ahh!” every time you use MWL’s freshly made products!


100% handcrafted products

Freshly made in small batches

Natural Preservatives

High-performance botanicals,herbal oils + pure essential oils

Herbal skin care at it’s best

A trained herbalist, licensed massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner, health nut + research junkie who’s own chemical + food sensitivities led her to want to help others like her


Pre-made lotion mixes

Massive batches made 5 years ago

Toxic parabens (harmful preservative)

Gluten or harmful chemicals

Tim, who works in a lab + doesn’t have skin issues + doesn’t worry how his skin looks as he ages

Soybean oil, petroleum, mineral oil, oils that go rancid quickly, fake fragrance oils, herbal oils made in soybean oil, cheap oils that offer no benefit to your skin

Face care

The Revive Facial Serum


I have tried countless face creams from top brands filled with chemicals and they hardly do anything but harm my skin. My skin is so sensitive and prone to acne especially when creams and lotions are applied.. BUT this cream has never given me a single pimple, and I have been getting less in general. My skin is so smooth all the time. I didn't know where my mom got the calendula cream so when I ran out I got nervous I wouldn't find the product again. But I made sure I did..Thank you so much for this amazing product and thanks for enabling me to never have to deal with dry winter skin again! As long as you make this product I'll be buying it...time to explore some of your others now (:

Kayla Barlow

I love this product, especially in the winter when my skin is drier than usual. Very luxurious feeling on the skin, super hydrating without an oily feeling.


I just tried the Citrus Sugar Scrub and feel it is the perfect way to begin my skin rejuvenation process. My skin feels so smooth and soft without any oily residue. It is perfect to exfoliate my skin after the dryness of the summer sun and swimming. I finish with the Calendula Eye and Face cream as well as the Succulent Body Cream and love the results. Michele's products are amazing and work so well without any harmful chemicals.


I just bought this scrub and it's so amazing! As someone who is a true lover of natural skin care, this product is one of the best I've used! My skin feels so soft and rejuvenated after using this. It feels like you've put on amazing lotion without the goopy residue you usually have after doing so! Would definitely recommend. I can't wait to try other MWL products.


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