• Made With Natural Ingredients



  • Like many other women, I've been alternating between super expensive and less expensive skin products for many years - I've thrown out (or given away) more products than I can recall while doing this dance! Thanks so much to Michelle for creating these amazing skin products that have transformed the way my skin looks and feels! And especially for doing so with natural, healthy ingredients - It is my belief that aging is something to be grateful for - Now I've FINALLY found something that will help my skin go through this process with grace and comfort! Many, many thanks!!

    Karen Johnson

  • I've tried everything under the sun. I've spent $$$$$ on all kinds of high-end products but my skin never looked good enough. I still had to wear makeup to cover up the red, dry patches on my skin. When I started using the Revive products I was skeptical. I was really frustrated trying to find something that helped my skin. After the first week, I was blown away with how good my skin started to look and feel. After a month of using the Revive sample kit, I knew I was going to get the full-size products. The real testament to how well these natural products work. I was on a business trip and I wear makeup when I am in meetings. I use foundation primer and the foundation. These two tubes look very much alike. I accidentally packed two tubes of primer and no foundation. A year ago, I would have been devastated. Now my skin is so clear and pretty, it didn't even matter. Thank you so much!!


  • In love with Made With Love, especially the Revive line! I'm in my 40's and I'm a 6-day weekly runner in all 4 seasons. My skin needs hydration & protection from the elements. I've tried all kinds of skincare products from low end to high end. For the first time, my combination skin is hydrated and more even-toned and the products smell fabulous, which makes them a pleasure to use. I hadn’t used a toner or serum before but Michele’s suggested protocol is easy to follow and gave me great results. The toner is now actually my favorite skin care product! So happy to have found MWL, just placed my second order and know what I’m getting my girlfriends for Christmas...

    Kate Jagger

  • I'm 57 and I've tried other Made With Love products. I couldn't wait to try this new line. I'm happy I did. I don't know how to describe it but my skin feels more hydrated this winter. I followed the instructions on how to use everything. Even though the bottles are little the kit lasted me almost 3 weeks. Now I'm going to get the full-size kit!

    Kathy E

  • After turning 40, my skin took a nose dive. It felt dry and very dull. After using these products my face is starting to look brighter and fresh again.


  • When I was younger I had pretty bad skin. So bad I thought about becoming a dermatologist. I had tried everything under the sun. It was a battle to get my combination skin under control. And so frustrating spending all the money I did. When I turned 40 my I started to get red little pustules on my face!!! I was using Neutrogena, Burt’s Bees, and other name brands but they made my skin worse. I spent a lot of money on makeup to cover up the problem. Needless to say I was PARANOID to try Michele’s line. But I did and I’m SO HAPPY I did! My skin didn’t freak out!. My skin has never felt or looked better! It’s smooth, even toned, no more red bumps, and glowing. I’m a hair stylist in front of people everyday. Before trying the Revive line I was self-conscious if my skin. Now, I can go without makeup and I KNOW my skin looks great!

    Brigette L.ewis

  • This kit is so nice and works perfectly on sensitive skin. My daughter and I love it!


  • This spray is a refreshing way to greet the day. The rose oil in the Revive Toner smells delightful and hydrates my face first thing in the morning. Follow up with the other Revive products to insure a glowing look.

    Susan Periera

  • This is a wonderful toner -- your skin does not feel dry after use -- it actual feels like its been moisturized. Amazing. I just love all the Revive products and would highly recommend to anyone who wants a natural way to take care of your skin. The best part -- it actually works!

    Christine Hermanek

  • I started using the revive products two years ago - wow! I especially love the serum - no more dry, flaky skin. My 62 year old skin is truly revived! I love the heavenly smell and all natural ingredients. Thank you!


  • I've been using the Revive Facial Serum for a little over 2 weeks now. Prior to starting it, my skin was really feeling the effects of the colder dry weather. I only have to use a drop or 2 . It is so gentle and smells wonderful. My skin looks softer, healthier and there are no dry patches. I also love that it is made with pure ingredients that don't sting, like other facial products- Thank you


  • Holy Moly, the Holy Grail of Skin care! I’m 57 years young. And knowing that I’m not putting any nasty chemicals in my body and now on my aging face truly lifts my spirit! I am amazed how good my skin feels. MadeWithLove, you are a true miracle worker! My skin feels tight, I have less crinkles (is that a real word?) and lines. I feel lifted in my spirit too! it just feels so good and I cannot thank you enough!! You are a true miracle worker! Knowing that I’m not putting any nasty chemicals in my body and now on my aging face truly lifts my spirit! Thank you!

    Marjorie Baer

  • I'm addicted to this stuff. If I'm running low I get nervous I'm not going to be able to get it soon enough. My skin feels and looks better than ever. I've got a glow that wasn't there before. My skin isn't dry and red like it had been before. I've tried a lot of different products but none help my skin like the whole Revive line.

    Cathay Garone

  • Experimented with one, want more.


  • I love this face cream & having been using it for years. I love the fact that it's all natural & made locally in small batches. It gives great moisture.


  • Now I know the answer to that question is a resounding YES! Yes, it can. Calendula Eye and Face creme smells great and glides smoothly onto your skin. I've never been one to use skin care products until I discovered the ones from Made With Love and now my skin just doesn't feel right until I sink my fingers in the jar and smooth its nourishing, all natural ingredients onto my face and neck. Thanks MWL!!


  • Best products I have found in my many years of searching. Love this moisturizer/cream, I have also found this cream very effective on my cuticles and nails. This cream along with the Glow Facial Serum is by far the BEST face products I have used. Since using these products my skin has a glow and no more dry patches. I do not get irritation from using MWL products. I AM HOOKED.

    Jennifer Harrilal

  • Totally love this skin cream. It is completely healing, soothing, and comforting, calming down red, dry skin and leaving it smooth, soft, and glowy. Never irritates my winter skin like so many other products. Many thanks for this pure and nurturing balm.


  • I use this cream as an evening moisturizer after cleansing before bed. It is thick and rich without being greasy. Makes my skin feel so soft, nourished and well cared for! Love it!


  • I have very sensitive skin and this is one of the only face creams I can use. From the moment I dab a little on my face, my skin immediately begins to absorb this luscious cream. No irritation, no greasy feeling just pure nourishment. Highly recommend this product and all MWL products.


  • I love this face cream. I use it every night and sometimes during the day (when I won't be in the sun, if I am I use a sunblock daydream). It is smooth and creamy and makes my skin feel delicious.

    Lara Held

  • This is a unique product! It goes beyond other creams in several ways. Obvious positives include purity of ingredients and the way it it made and the fact that freshness and texture may be sustained and enhanced with refrigeration . I like the cool, smoothness on application, with even absorption. It displays both solubility and emollience, first melting into the skin and filling crevices, then feeding it with just the right amount of moisture. It leaves the skin feeling firm and taut. Really interesting! Thank you for developing it with love.

    Diane Miller

  • I've always been a bit of a "guy" when it comes to face creams, but I'm now using the Calendula cream daily! It's not greasy or oily and really feels refreshing and nourishing on my skin. And no chemicals! Thanks for a wonderful product Michele!

    Earl Miller

  • Not just for women. My husband tried this product and ditched what he was using and now uses this product as his go to. He likes the lite for summertime. And summer will be here soon, so definitely give this one a go! Thanks Michele for introducing this to AB.


  • Absolutely love the product! After a week I could see a big difference in my skin! I highly recommend you give it a try, I'm sure you will fall in love like I did! I'm 50 and my face is looking wonderful after using these products!


  • I love this cream so much, and the body cream too. My skin is happy - truly moisturized - it looks and feels better than ever...and the creams smell so good. I feel great - not just about the pure ingredients and spa like scents, but about the company I'm buying it from. I like buying great products from amazing small businesses. You can tell that this cream is made with expertise and love...the love like a final ingredient; a good vibe that you can rub all over you. I just purchased two gift pack for friends who went above and beyond for me and I can't wait to share the Love with them! Thanks Made With Love, from me and my face!

    Kate Simpson

  • I have tried countless face creams from top brands filled with chemicals and they hardly do anything but harm my skin. My skin is so sensitive and prone to acne especially when creams and lotions are applied.. BUT this cream has never given me a single pimple, and I have been getting less in general. My skin is so smooth all the time. I didn't know where my mom got the calendula cream so when I ran out I got nervous I wouldn't find the product again. But I made sure I did..Thank you so much for this amazing product and thanks for enabling me to never have to deal with dry winter skin again! As long as you make this product I'll be buying it...time to explore some of your others now (:

    Kayla Barlow

  • I love this product, especially in the winter when my skin is drier than usual. Very luxurious feeling on the skin, super hydrating without an oily feeling.


  • This cream not only smells good it adds moisture and absorbs well. Love it!!!!

    Deborah Stubecki

  • I love this body cream! It is very moisturizing, great in Winter when skin is dry & I love the smell. Also all natural & works!!


  • Hello, We got a jar of the Succulent Body Crème as a gift from a fellow swim parent for my oldest daughter. She would get hives after 30 minutes of being in the pool for swim practice after we had a bunch of freezing dry weather. We tried lotion, oils and nothing worked. This WORKED! She is so happy to be able to get in the pool and grind out an awesome practice and not have to get out with red, blotchy, itchy skin! Many thanks for your great product from the Bieszad’s!

    Virginia Bieszad

  • I use this daily on my hands and face (following up from the citrus scrub). 1 finger tip of this lotion will covet both hands and face perfectly. I love the way it feels and I am thrilled that my usual red, blotchy, cracked winter hands look amazing...the 2 products listed healed my eczema within days. Miracle products. Excited to try more products.

    Patricia Atkinson