The Revive Clay Masque

This dry facial clay masque is unique. 

Read below what makes Made With Love's masque so different:

  1. We use clays specifically beneficial for mature and dry skin.  These clays won't strip your skin dry, like the bentonite clay used in other masks.  Maturing skin needs to be treated extra special so we decided to source extra special clays for you. 
  2. Our facial masque is dry so you can customize the type and quantity of the moisture medium.  Scroll down below to get the PDF guide on how to use the clay masque for you.  Ex:  Use mashed avocado or mashed banana as the moisture medium.  Ingredients like these hydrate, soothe and give mature skin a beautiful glow.  You can't get that with pre-wet masks.  Pre-wet masks require antimicrobial agents (usually carcinogenic parabens) to prevent mold from growing.  
  3. Our facial clay masque is unscented.  There isn't a need for a fake fragrance because there isn't a pre-wet factor.  Fake fragrances hide the scent of a pre-wet mask and the harmful antimicrobial agents.

You can use the Revive Clay Masque on its own or with the whole Revive line.  There are 7 products that make up the whole Revive line.  They were formulated to build on the goodness of each other, creating a synergistic, alchemic experience for your skin.

Ingredients:  Rose clay, kaolin clay, sea clay.

2 oz. glass jar

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