The Revive Facial Steam Essential Oil Blend

As your skin ages, it needs extra care to help it look and feel its best.

Make an appointment with yourself for a weekly spa treatment that you don't have to drive to!

The Revive Facial Steam Essential Oil Blend is formulated with pure essential oils that support skin as it ages - with extra hydration. 

Start with clean skin.

Heat to almost boiling 4 cups of water.  Put it in a large metal or glass bowl on the table so that you can sit down.   Add 3-4 drops of the Revive Facial Steam Essential Oil Blend.  Drape a bath towel around your head, shoulders, and around the bowl making a steam tent.  Close your eyes and breath in through your nose.  Allow the hot steam to open up your pores and your skin to sweat.  Sit under from 5-15 minutes.

Your skin will be ready for deep cleansing with The Revive Facial Scrub and ending with The Revive Facial Masque.  

Each product in The Revive line was consciously formulated to build on each other, creating a synergistic blend of the best plants that Mother Nature has to offer!

Ingredients:  Myrrh essential oil, Red mandarin essential oil, Geranium essential oil.

5 ml. glass bottle with diffuser top. 

  • $ 37.00