Are Sugar Scrubs Any Good For Your Face?

Hello Lovely, scrub or not to scrub that is the question!

What is it about scrubs that get people nervous about using them on their face?  Could it be they feel sooo rough on your skin that you wouldn’t dream of using it on your face.

Corporate brands and the not-so-great ingredients they use could be the reason and they're too rough rough for your face. 

Things like plastic microbeads, which there should be a world wide ban on.  They never break down, they clog waterways and ocean life ends up eating it.  And then if you eat fish or seafood, you're ingesting the plastic microbeads too.  Yum yum.  A tumtum full of plastic!   (Listen for the sarcasm here)

Apricot seeds, coffee grinds, salt, almonds, microcrystalline wax (made from the processing of petroleum crude oil which I believe to be the same as plastic microbeads..doesn’t that sound healthy???!!!😩🤬😩  Not!                                    Everything listed is too rough to use on your face. 

Don’t get me started about all the shitty chemicals, dyes and fragrances in them that’ll cause you to think you have ‘sensitive skin’.  The sensitivity is coming from the combined crap that really doesn’t do your body any good. Fragrances are the biggest offenders to your skin being healthy.  

What works great to exfoliate your skin naturally comes from the Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Earth. It's sugar!!!  Finally, a great use for sugar!

Sugar scrubs - when made right to be a benefit to your skin - are gentle enough to remove the dry, dead skin cells on your face. 

Winter is the best season to treat your skin well because it works hard for you.  Your skin doesn’t FEEL good when it’s all clogged up with chunky skin cells sitting on its surface!!  And it doesn’t LOOK HEALTHY.  Dead skin cells sitting on your face creep into the fine lines making them more, ya know, liney-ish!

If you’re 40-ish and over and you’re into EMBR•AGING - a chick who’s embracing aging and wants to do it naturally - you’ll need to use a scrub with the right ingredients that won’t strip your facial skin and can be used on the rest of your body to give it a glow that won’t quit!  That’s where sugar scrubs, the best being what's made fresh here at MWL, come into play--keeping your skin its healthiest. 

Sugar is a natural alpha hydroxy which is a fruit acid.  The fine grain of sugar, when mixed with the correct hydration, is gentle enough to take care of the delicate skin on your face.  Again, I’m going to harp on the ingredients used.  It’s key to having healthy, vibrant skin.  

I’ve helped so many people flip their skin from dry and dull to glowing, vibrant and healthy feeling and looking starting with the sugar scrubs. 

I formulated them with jojoba, which is technically not an oil.  It’s a liquid esther.  A liquid esther's molecular structure is similar to your skin’s own cells.  It gets into your pores without clogging them, repairs and nourishes your skin.  Jojoba doesn’t leave a heavy greasy residue on you or in the shower.  

Not only are Made With Love’s sugar scrubs good for your face, body, feet and hands but they’re great to use before waxing or shaving.  They’ll get rid of dead skin cells around the hair root, lubricate the area around it, thus leaving you with a smooth, close hair removal and your skin will be silky smooth.  

Get your winter skin feeling and looking its best.  Try one of our luscious sugar scrubs today.  

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