What's Popping Up?

Hello Lovely,

What a mild winter we’re having in the Northeast.
There've been days close to 50 degrees which seems to confuse the bugs. 

This morning I noticed the tips of the daffodils and crocuses
poking out of the ground, about 1/4 inch!  March isn't here yet so are they cropping up because of the mild winter?  Don't know but I'm excited to see them crop up!
Soon there will be color galore to wash over my eyes that are bored with all the browns and grays of winter.  No snow on the ground so no white.   
The poking of the daffodils made me think about the topic of this week's blog.  

The poking of the daffodils made me think about the topic of this week's blog.  Stuff that’s poking out of my skin that’s driving me nuts!  It’s pimples and facial hair!!!  AARRRGGGHHH!!

I’ve read Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book, “The Wisdom of Menopause”.  It’s great to read if you’d like to know what the heck is going on with your body, mind, emotions, and spirit as you go through perimenopause into menopause. Then you can stop thinking you were highjacked in the middle of the night and someone put a chip in your brain to make you into someone you don't recognize.

She wrote it to give women a strong message that aging isn’t something to fight or do battle with or that there’s something wrong with you. 

Aging, if you’re fortunate, is something to embrace, enjoy and accept with understanding and compassion for yourself and your body as it goes through changes.  She says your brain and your hormones are rewiring itself for the new phase your life is moving towards.  

She recommends starting with a natural approach to dealing with changes going on in your body.  I highly recommend getting this book for your health library.

A natural approach to wellbeing, as Dr. Northrup suggests, is my jam.  I need to understand what's going on in my body and what can I do naturally to help it along.  But that doesn’t mean I always practice what I preach.

Going through perimenopause, I’m slooowwlly realizing, I’m constantly given a chance to practice what I preach.  Taking good care of myself which includes self-love, self-compassion and choosing the right foods. 

Yet I can get lazy and fall off this wagon.  Too much __________.  Fill - in the blank.  

So back to the pimples and facial hair.  I know my hormones are changing.  I can feel it.  Because of this change, I can’t be lazy with the foods I choose.  My body is saying, “Babe, you’re not able to eat and drink how you used to if you want to feel and look good”.

This is all part of EMBR•AGING™, a term I’ve come up with.  It’s short for ‘embrace aging’.

This is part of the aging process I’m currently experiencing.  The older I get the more sensitive to ‘things’ I become. Scents, aromas, fake fragrances, fertilizers, processed foods, too much sugar, coffee, toxic people, inauthentic people, the news, worry, fear, etc. 

The past couple of weeks I’ve overindulged in alcohol, coffee, cheese, pasta, bread and chocolate, corn chips.  You know…yummy winter food.   

And then one day out of the blue I woke up with a huge third eye zit, zits around my jawline and corner of my mouth (liver and hormonal reflex areas) and facial hair cropping up that’s as thick and as strong as fishing wire.  Double. Gross. Out!!

I haven’t been drinking enough water, eating enough veggies and fruit and now I’m paying for it.  I also stopped doing my weekly facial steams, facial scrub and facial masque.

This occurrence is a great reminder to me to stick with what works AND make time for it. 

So I’m back on it.  Back to the protocol that works for me.  Lemon water first thing in the water, fresh celery juice 20 minutes later, no coffee, veggies, and fruits, etc.

My once a week spa treatment is scheduled in my calendar for the next 4 weeks.

A rescheduled electrolysis appointment is back in my schedule.  This has helped tremendously with stopping the tough black and white fishing wire hairs from getting stuck and causing more breakouts.    

When I follow this protocol I look and feel great.  I sleep better, the hot flashes disappear, the brain fog lifts, and I have the energy to spare. 

When I was seeing clients for health issues (health kinesiology, energy healing, and craniosacral) we’d make some tweaks to the food they were eating and it was amazing to see their transformation. They would feel great and look great.  

Now I’m following a more refined version of those protocols.  I've been following the protocols of Anthony William, the Medical Medium, specifically the Liver Rescue protocols.  These were the missing link to better wellbeing for me.

Sometimes you need help and a squad of people to cheer you on as you take on something new that’s a bit out of the box.

In March I’m going to lead a group spring cleanse that will help you look and feel great.  Space will be limited so keep an eye out for this information.  If you’d like to know more contact me at mwlskincare@gmail.com.

Here’s to EMBR•AGING™!

With Love + Gratitude,

Michele T.

Crème Artisan. Alchemist. Helper of Beautiful Skin...Naturally!

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