Real Men Moisturize!

Hey Lovely,

I've shared this story often.  At bath time when I was a little kid.  As soon as I stepped out of the tub my mother would slather me down with Nivea.  From my head down to my toes!  My sister got this kind of taking care of too.    

I thought everyone’s mom slathered them down with some kind of moisturizer when they got out of the bath.

I learned this experience wasn't common when I was a vendor at craft shows or teaching about the health benefits of using natural skincare products like Made With Love products at home shows.    

Women and men told me that they didn’t use lotions or creams on their bodies. WHAT???  I couldn't imagine that.  

If I don’t slather my skin up now with the Succulent Body Crème I feel…dare I say, NAKED!  Well, my skin talks to me like, “Umm…excuse me, something IMPORTANT is missing!!”.  My skin feels dry and tight if I don’t moisturize.

Men feel like they don’t need to moisturize.  It’s not the “manly” thing to do.  They don’t want to smell “girly”. But here’s the thing.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It breathes in and out.  It breathes in what you put on it and it breathes out toxins, sweat, and impurities.  

I say that real mean moisturize.  Once they start to use face and body creams their skin feels the difference.  

My late husband, Kevin, in the winter, would suffer from split fingers. He was using Gold Bond, Bag Balm, and some other creams.  They helped a little bit but never fully healed his hands. 

Until he met me.  I wanted him to try a couple of Made With Love products.

At first, he protested.  He didn’t want to use anything that felt greasy or heavy.  He didn’t want to smell floral or "like a girl".

He finally agreed to give it a whirl.

I had him using the Citrus Sugar Scrub every day on his hands when he got home from work.  Then he’d use the “girly” scented Succulent Body Crème

Low and behold…within 3 days his fingers were HEALED!  It was a miracle! Can I get an Amen?!?!  What he really liked is the products didn't leave a greasy feeling.  He became aware of how good his skin could look and feel.  

Made With Love products are made with pure essential oils.  They are distilled directly from plants, not man-made in a lab.  The aromas aren’t clinging and cloying like fake fragrances.  The “girly” smell doesn’t linger.

And you can layer most essential oils without the smell being overpowering. 

Real men can now moisturize with our new line El Jefe (pronounced El Hey-fey).  It means The Boss or The Chief. 

The El Jefe line is made with simple ingredients that really work.  They moisturize men’s skin without a heavy, greasy feeling with a more manly aroma.  I love it!     A rich spicy and woodsy smell.  Bay rum, lime, and cypress are the essential oils used.  It’s hard to imagine what they smell like but…ay yay yay!  What a blend!

Commercially made body care products made for men have a lot of chemicals and fake fragrances.  They cause skin irritation and sensitivities.   

The El Jefe line has a face wash, face crème, body crème, beard oil, beard butter, and sugar scrub with this intoxicating aroma. We’ve also created a sample gift pack so he can try the products on a small scale without a  big commitment. 

Click here to check out the El Jefe line.



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