What's The Deal With Sensitive Skin?

Hi Lovely, 

EMBR•AGING™.  Embrace aging and the changes that can happen to your skin.  Skin sensitivity is a problem you can be born with or can crop up as you get older. 

Why does this happen?

Everyone’s biological system is unique and some are more sensitive than others.  I fit in the category of more sensitive than others since I was a kid. 

I suffered skin rashes, acne, horrible sinus problems from diesel fumes, sneezing fits from perfumes, headaches, and more throughout my life until I got into the world of natural skincare in 1999.

When I started making natural products I wondered why the combination of these simple ingredients and essential oils worked so well on my skin compared to the conventional products I had tried for years.  Like Clinique, Origins, and Estee Lauder, you name it. 

This was pre-internet.  So doing any kind of research meant getting books on the subject.  A lot of books about the cosmetics and personal care industry, the ingredients they use, and how it's regulated. 

I discovered the cosmetics and personal care industry is barely regulated. 

There are hundreds of harmful chemicals used to make skincare and body care products in the US that are banned in other countries.

These harmful chemicals wreak havoc on your skin and the planet. 

What does this have to do with your sensitive skin?  EVERYTHING!

This is why I had sensitive skin for the longest time!  All the conventional skincare products I was using.

This is why you have sensitive skin. 

Before you walk out of the door in the morning you’ve probably used about 12 or more skincare products with a long list of ingredients for each product. 

Put all those products on and nobody really knows how those ingredients interact. 

All those chemicals don’t create a synergistic effect when they’re piled on your skin.  They create a chemical cocktail that doesn’t do your body any good.  They have a compound effect of toxicity for your body and skin, over time. 

Using ingredients like herbs, herbal-infused oils, and essential oils are the way to go.   They do have a synergistic effect, meaning their interaction creates a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate properties.

I’ve helped so many women who’ve told me their skin is sensitive and has been for years.  They are shocked how good their skin looks and feels after only a week of using Made With Love products.    

You’ve got to know what you’re doing when creating formulations with raw ingredients from the herbal world.

That’s my jam.  I’m a trained herbalist, and a natural health research junkie. 

I’ve studied the properties of plants and oils and what to use for specific conditions.

The Revive Line is the result of researching the best, natural ingredients for aging skin.

The Clarity Line is the result of researching the best, natural ingredients for acne-prone skin.

If you need help with your sensitive skin and you’re interested in EMBR•AGING™ I can help you!  Contact Michele at info@madewithloveskincare.com to set up your free 30-minute consultation.

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