The Underbelly of the Personal Care Industry

Hello Lovely,

When I was Divinely inspired to play with and create natural body care products I didn’t know about the personal care/cosmetics industry.  I didn't know how products were made or about the ingredients they used. 

When people started ordering Made With Love products and sharing how great their skin looked and felt, I started questioning conventional body care products.

Why did the gobs of different brands I had used prior to making my own products make my skin worse?  Why was my skin drier?  Why did it breakout?  Why would I get red rashes, blotchy skin, and headaches?  

Why did all of those symptoms disappear when I using the seemingly, simple, plant-based ingredients I used to create Made With Love's formulations?  Why were other people experiencing the same thing?

Research led me to the organization, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  Their mission is to change the personal care labeling laws, 'cause there really isn't much oversite and there are loopholes allowing manufacturers to slip in ingredients that don't do the body any good!  🤬 

They're active in getting TOXIC ingredients, that are already banned in other countries,  to being banned for use in the U.S.  

Their video “The Story of Cosmetics” opened my eyes to the dark, underbelly of the personal care/cosmetics industry.  I decided to get the word out and to offer a healthy alternative with the Made With Love products I was creating, with the help from above 😇.

Home parties and informational workshops for breast cancer survivor groups was how I was getting the word out.

I'd share the video to educate on what the heck is going on in the personal care industry.  Teach a little about what chemicals that needed to be watched out for and then share Made With Love's product line- the healthy alternative that's Divinely inspired!

If you’ve got sensitive skin, are sensitive to smells, are energy sensitive, a healer or creative take the time to watch the video.  

I've started a new playlist on Made With Love's YouTube channel.  It's called  Your Well Being Matters.  Share this video with those you love.  

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