Do you find it difficult to be around certain people, loud environments, under fluorescent lights for any length of time? 

Do you get an instant headache from the stank of Febreeze, Yankee candles, or Glade plug-ins?  Do you have to hold your breath going down the laundry detergent aisle looking for the fragrance free options? 

If so, you’re energy AND scent sensitive.  I know.  ‘Cause this is true for myself.  

It’s not something to suffer.  It’s just something to be aware of and know what you need to do to replenish yourself.  Energy sensitivity, for sure, ties into being scent sensitive.

Your energy system asks you (when you’re listening to it’s guidance 😊) to pay attention to the quality of the people around you, the quality of the food you're eating, your indoor and outdoor environment, AND the stuff you're slathering on your Divine Temple: Your Body!

The older you get the less tolerant your temple is and it throws a tantrum turning into skin irritations, rashes, acne, eczema and looking way older before it’s time.  It’s throwing a tantrum because it’s tired of what you’re putting on it that’s, unknowingly, toxic. 

You’re thinking, “But I just bought these products at my local health food store so it’s got to be good.  Right?  The label says it's natural and organic so it’s good for me.  Right?  

EEENNHHH (insert sound of the ‘incorrect buzzer’)!

There’s some toxic shit in that bottle of “natural” body lotion you’re not aware of. 

I’m bursting your bubble of labeling truths.  There ISN’T truth in labeling of ingredients in skincare products.  Current labeling laws don’t provide the FDA with the authority to require disclosure of fragrance ingredients.  

The biggest loophole on an ingredient label lists as fragrance. Anything can  be thrown under this listing.

The chemical components in fragrances are protected as trade secrets.  A cancer causing ingredient known as phthalates are used to stabilize the scent in a product and is thrown under the fragrance label.  

Your “ocean breeze” body wash - what does an ocean breeze smell like and how could you possibly bottle it - is made with a fake fragrance and phthalates so it can sit on a shelf for 100 years and still smell “good”.  

Here’s what you want to look for on the ingredient label that tells you there’s TOXIC, shitty aromas in your products even though it “smells” nice:  


  • Everyday your energetic system, your body and senses are bombarded with fake, Franken-fragrances that aren’t REAL

    They’re NOT made from real flowers, real trees, or real rinds.  That apple pie scented plug in isn’t doing your allergies any good or your migraine headache. 

    Those pumpkin spice candles burning all over your house aren’t doing your lungs any good.  And in the day of COVID you want your immune system and lungs as healthy as they can be.

    So read your ingredient list.  If it says FRAGRANCE, it’s a FRANKEN-FRAGRANCE.  Put it back on the shelf and walk away.

    Here at MWL we only use REAL ingredients that are naturally and sustainably harvested.  

    Local beeswax, real essential oils made from real plants, fruits, flowers and trees,  shea butter, coconut oil and more.  You provide truth in labeling and truth in ingredients.  

    Seemingly simple ingredients that help your body look and feel it’s best.

    Mike. Drop!



    • Posted by Elaine Herter on

      Thank you for this information. I am one of those people that are very sensitive to Franken fragrance. I am going to read my body wash and shampoos.

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