Staying Healthy During The Great Pause

Hello Lovely,

How are you doing inside of the Great Pause?  For the first 2 weeks of Gov. Cuomo’s NY state lockdown, I got sucked into the fear vortex ‘cause I was watching the news.  A lot!  I’m talking about hours!

I was physically, mentally drained by all the horrible news. It was keeping me up at night.  My mind was spinning out of control. 

I got a grip and turned the TV off. 

Maybe you’re like me.  Energy sensitive; an energetic sponge that absorbs and amplifies energy around them. 

When I turned off the TV I regrouped and focused on the things that keep me grounded, in alignment and boost my immune system.  You might find them helpful too. 

  • Meditate:  There are so many forms of meditation.  It can be as simple as going for a walk and paying attention to your feet and FEEL them connecting with the ground.  Or really looking at a flower bud for 1 minute.  Or just paying attention to your breath flowing in and out of your body.  The object isn’t to get rid of all thoughts, it’s just to allow them to flow in and out, without attaching to them. A great book by Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth, is helpful.  
  • Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend:  I created this to use in an aromatherapy diffuser.  The herbs are antiviral, antimicrobial, and support the health of your lungs, keeping bronchial passages clear. 

         Available in two sizes 5 ml. and 10 ml. Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend.


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