Corona, You Bitch!

Hello Lovely,

The past 2 weeks have been tough for me.  How about you?
I got sucked into the news vortex and was full of fear and sadness. 

As the stories have come out about the people who are dying I began to cry. 

Seeing the video diaries of nurses and doctors who are working days without a break caused me to sob.  To all the people risking their lives and their family's lives to take care of the others is...


I'm in awe of all the remarkable nurses, doctors, police, EMT's, military, and first responders who are putting their lives on the line for so many people affected by this virus.  

Thank you to all the people who are making sure the rest of us have what we need.  The grocery store staff, the pharmacy staff, the restaurants, the trash collectors, and, it goes without saying, the liquor stores!  Thank them for their service.  

For anyone and everyone who reads this please heed the directive to stay home.  Heed the directive to keep your distance when out in public.  

With Love + Gratitude,

Michele T.                                                                                                                  Crème Artisan. Alchemist. Helper of Beautiful Skin...Naturally.  

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