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For The Love of Beards!

For The Love of Beards!

$ 35.00

And all things facial hair related for your guy!

We've put together a beard butter and beard oil combo package so your guy can experiment and decide which product ( or possibly both) works best for his beard grooming needs.

And if your Grizzly Adams doesn't moisturize his beard here are a few reasons why he should:

1) When you snuggle up to him your face will no longer feel like it's been scrubbed with a Brillo pad!

2) It (his beard) will smell good, glisten, and no longer look like it's kindling for the fire or a nesting site for migratory birds!

Beard butter is a thick moisturizer intended for beards that are full, thick, longer than 1" of growth.  

Beard oil is a lighter moisturizer intended for close-cropped beards, mustaches, and goatees.  

The aroma is an intoxicating blend of bay rum, lime, and cypress pure essential oils which are the real deal.  No fake fragrances used here.

HOW TO USE:  Beard oil - place a few drops into palms, rub together, and massage product in one direction (north to south) of clean beard.

Beard butter - Start with a small dab and place in your palms.  Rub palms together then smooth in one direction (north to south) of clean beard.  Use more as needed.  


Beard Butter:  Olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, pure essential oils of bay rum, lime, cypress.  2 oz.

Beard Oil:  Argan oil, jojoba, olive oil pure essential oils of bay rum, lime, cypress. 1 oz.