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Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend

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The essential oils chosen for this blend are great to soothe your air passageways.  They're known antimicrobial and antiviral essential oils.

Add 5 -  10 drops to your aromatherapy diffuser.  

For congestion, head colds, sinus problems we suggest making a steam tent and breathing in the essential oils.  It's simple and relaxing to do.  Heat 4 cups of water to almost boiling.  Pour the hot water into a big glass bowl or stainless steel bowl.  Let the water cool for a few minutes.  Add 3 - 5 drops to the water.  Using a large bath towel, drape it over your head and around the bowl creating a tent.  Close your eyes, breathe in slowly through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.   Stay under the steam tent from 5 - 15 minutes.  

We don't recommend putting this essential oil directly onto your skin.  

Ingredients:  Rosemary essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, oregano essential oil, red thyme essential oil.

5 ml. & 10 ml. amber glass bottle.

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