What does Mercury Retrograde have to do with fabulous skin care products?

Well.  Mercury Retrograde (Jan. 14 - Feb. 3, 2022) is seen by many as a time where things like tech, relationships, and communications can go sideways.  It can effect some people more than others.  

The following is excerpted from Brianna Saussy's Astro Rx 2022 page:

"In 2022 the Mercury Retrogrades all begin in Air signs and then conclude in Earth signs. When Mercury retrogrades throughout our aerial friends we see a tendency for our thoughts to run away with us, verbal communications to go sideways...and can leave us feeling ungrounded".  

The ritual of being connected to yourself - being mindful as you take a dab of luscious crème in your hands, feeling the crème in your hands and your skin and body underneath your hands as you lovingly apply your luscious MWL product - is a way of being grounded and offer yourself love during the Mercury Retrograde in January.  

The sale will run before Mercury does his thing and retrogrades from Jan. 14 and ends on Feb. 3rd OR if the limited supply is sold out.