Free 50 Minute Skin Care Consultation

Do you really want to slather your skin with cancer-causing chemicals, harsh ingredients & fake fragrances?  (If the answer is "yes" you can stop reading now).

Would you even know if cancer-causing chemicals, harsh ingredients & fake fragrances were already lurking in your high-end or 'natural & organic' products?  

Do you know what natural ingredients are best for YOUR skin issue(s)?

Do you want cookie-cutter skincare for YOUR unique skin type?

Are you willing to spend hundreds of dollars on skincare products that don’t live up to their promises?

When you look in the mirror do you like seeing:

-pimples, blackheads or oily patches?


-red patches?

-dull, dry skin?

-just plain old-looking skin?

Do you like using prescription creams & taking pharmaceuticals for YOUR unique skin issue(s)?


If you answered "No", "Uhh uhh", "Hell no!" or even shaking your head no to one or all of the questions above I can help you.

I'm Michele Tomasicchio, a crème artisan, & alchemist.  I've helped hundreds of women get and keep beautiful, clear, & vibrant skin, naturally.   Not only have I formulated all of the incredible products on this website I've also created in-depth, natural skincare protocols and programs that help you get nourished, healthy skin.   

I've got an extensive background as a licensed massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner, energy healer, herbalist, and health kinesiologist practitioner spanning 20 years.  

When I began Made With Love Natural Skin Care I was a vendor at craft & art shows & festivals.  People complained about all the products they were using and how unhappy they were with their skin.  They wanted help and I provided it with Made With Love products, natural protocols and DIY tips using food and herbs.  People got great results: beautiful, healthy, radiant, & vibrant skin.  It didn’t matter if they had wrinkles or pimples.  

Word of mouth traveled fast and people were contacting me to set up appointments for face-to-face consultations.  And these people also got GREAT results with the products & protocols I created. 

You can schedule your own free 50-minute consultation to see if I can help you.  There's no further obligation.  Contact Michele at:

Consultations are either done in person or via video.  I can't wait to help you!



"I am in the healthcare field and see people all day.  My skin was such a problem.  I had really bad skin.  I spent probably thousands of dollars over the years.  Nothing worked.  I was forced to go to the dermatologist.  The prescription creams just made my skin red and flaky.  I took oral drugs too but they didn't do anything.  I had got body cream from Michele at a craft fair.  It worked so well I wondered if there was anything that could help my face.  I contacted Michele for a consultation.  The products she made for me worked!  I was blown away at how clear and soothed my skin felt within days of trying the protocol.  We also took a look at certain foods that were contributing to my skin problems.  I'm so happy with my skin now!"     -S. Fetterman

"I've tried high-end products like Dr. Haushka and Clinique.  I didn't think I really had any skin issues.  My daughter got some of the body care products and I tried them.  Curious about the face care products I consulted with Michele as to the best products for me as I'm getting older.  I'm in LOVE with the whole Revive line she recommended.  My skin looks and feels so good.  It's hard to describe how different my skin feels using these wonderful products."  -K. Garone