Hey Lovely,

I believe in supporting local businesses.  I shop for Roxie's food at the local pet center.  The employees there LOVE their fur babies!  They're extremely knowledgeable about all the natural products they carry.  To add the icing on the cake they have a rewards program. 

Sure...I could save a couple of bucks at a big box store.  However I choose to spend my money with businesses I trust and people I like.  And they have a rewards program!

So does Made With Love!  Here's how you sign up.

1.  Click the pink rectangle found at the bottom of the website that says, "Earn Your Love Rewards". 





2.  What pops up is the rewards window.  The left side shows the action steps to earn points.  The right side shows the points needed for the discounts.  Did you know if you create an account you earn 100 points???

3.  Once you create your account every purchase you make will begin to add points to your account.  There isn't an expiration date on points.  Automatic emails are sent when you've reached a reward level that's ready for you to redeem.  

4.  Still have questions?  Contact info@madewithloveskincare.com to get more help.