Coconut Lip Balm

This is a dessert for your lips without the calories!

Our lip balms are made in-house with local beeswax.  

Only high-performance oils are used to create a lip balm that glides on your lips without any drag.  Even better--NO SOYBEAN OIL...EVER!!!  

This lip balm is lightly flavored with a hint of coconut.                                           It's not a cloying, over-flavored lip balm that reminds you of the overly sweet tasting lip balms of your youth.  That was probably a ploy to make you lick your lips more, making them dry out more and then using more lip stuff that was a tube full of chemicals.

Ingredients:  Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, jojoba, phthalate-free coconut flavor oil.

.15 oz. plastic tube.


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