The Clarity Line for Acne Skin

The Clarity Line for Acne Skin

The Clarity Line was created when one client, who was tired of battling adult cystic acne, asked me if I could help clear her skin up. 

Throughout the years she had been in and out of dermatologists office trying prescription creams and oral drugs to help heal her severe cystic acne.  

Nothing worked for her.  The prescription creams she used made her skin red, flaky and tight and she'd still get breakouts.  She didn't want to take oral antibiotics for the rest of her life, either.  

I wasn't sure if I could help her but I do know, as a trained herbalist, the plant world is full of herbal allies that work on a deep level repairing, nourishing and healing irritated, acne-prone, oily skin. 

I researched herbs, essential oils, and herbal-infused oils and picked the best of the best for acne skin. I formulated The Clarity line and created a protocol.  When my client tested the products and followed the protocol to a T she had the best results she had ever experienced all the years she had been going to the dermatologists.    I had a few more clients with acne problems test the products and they also had great results!

The Clarity Sample Kit is available to you to try all the products in this line without making a huge commitment.  They are made with high-performance botanicals, herbal oils, and pure essential oils.  Don't let the mention of oils in the ingredient list scare you from trying this line.  They will not clog your pores!  I formulated this line to calm the skin down, nourish it and help it repair!  Out with the idea to use harsh products with alcohols and chemicals that strip mine your skin so bad your skin ends up becoming red and flaky.  

Here's a guide to the products suggested based on the level of acne you have.

Mild Acne ( a few breakouts on occasion): 

  • The Clarity Sample Kit
  • The Clarity 3 (Clarity Foaming Face Wash, Clarity Face Serum, Clarity Face Crème)

Medium Acne (frequent breakouts with whiteheads & blackheads):

  • The Clarity Sample Kit
  • The Clarity 4 (Clarity Foaming Face Wash, Clarity Facial Toner, Clarity Face Serum, Clarity Face Crème)
  • The Clarity Mini Spa Package (Clarity Essential Oil Blend for Facial Steams, Clarity Facial Sugar Scrub, Clarity Facial Masque)

Hot Acne (severe, cystic acne, deep pustules, whiteheads & blackheads: 

  • The Clarity Sample Kit 
  • The Clarity Ultimate Spa Package (Clarity Foaming Face Wash, Clarity Facial Toner, Clarity Facial Serum, Clarity Face Crème, Clarity Facial Sugar Scrub, Clarity Essential Oils for Facial Steam, Clarity Facial Masque)

 It's best to use these products in conjunction with each.  They work synergistically and build on each other.  You'll have the best results if you commit to only using The Clarity line.  I don't suggest mixing this line with products from other manufacturers.  That's when frustration comes into play because the products aren't going to play nice with each other.  Other manufacturers, even the supposed "natural" ones, can have questionable ingredients AND fake fragrances or natural oils.  There isn't always truth in labeling. Natural oils or fragrance oils ARE NOT real, pure essential oils which are made directly from plants.


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