El Jefe Sugar Scrub for Men


It's important to exfoliate (get rid of dead skin cells) AND moisturize at the same time without a greasy feeling. 

I know.  You've tried sugar scrubs before.  However, I think you should try my formulation.  It's unlike any other scrub.  Your skin will feel so smooth, all day.

I chose to use natural ingredients, like a liquid esther, that mimics your skin's oils.  No heavy greasy oils are used.  No plastic microbeads are used.  No fake fragrances are used.  

Gentle enough to use on your face once a week, the rest of your body 2 - 3 times per week.

Work with your hands? Got splits on your fingers or raggedy cuticles? Use the scrub daily for healed hands. 

Use before you shave for a closer, smooth shave.  

El Jefe Sugar Scrub is made with spice and wood scented pure essential oils your going to love!

Ingredients: Cane sugar, proprietary blend of liquid esther and essential oils.

8 oz. amber glass jar.

Wooden scoop can be purchased separately.

  • $ 22.00