The Revive Seven Kit

Give Your Skin The Gift of Being REVIVED!

I formulated The Revive line with you in mind.  You're at that age where you're beginning to think you'd better take care of your skin now so when you're older you're not playing catch up.  You might be seeing signs your skin is changing.   your skin is changing.  Redness, flakiness, dryness, wrinkles, and new skin sensitivities, even breakouts.     

If you want to age gracefully your skin needs extra nourishment.                               

I researched for the best high-performance, herbal-infused oils, and the best pure essential oils for aging skin.  For instance, I use rose otto pure essential oil.  It's one of the BEST e.o. for your skin as well as being one of the most expensive.  It takes 30 rose petals to make one drop of rose essential oil.             

I formulated each of the individual products found in this kit and had a group of women aged 40-70's plus, try them.  Their results were astounding.  Their skin cleared up, it was soft & dewy and it felt really good!  

The Revive 7 Graceful Aging Kit contains:

  • The Revive Foaming Face Wash 50 ml.
  • The Revive Facial Serum 1 oz.
  • The Revive Rose Toner 2 oz.
  • The Revive Facail Crème 2 oz.
  • The Revive Facial Sugar Scrub 4 oz.
  • The Revive Essential Oils for Facial Steam 5 ml.
  • The Revive Facial Masque 2 oz.  


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  • $ 289.00

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