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The Clarity Essential Oil Blend for Facial Steam - Acne

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Acne has met its match!

The Clarity Line was created to soothe, nourish and heal acne-prone skin without stripping it dry.

The Clarity Essential Oil Blend for Facial Steam is the third most important step in The Clarity Line protocol.

If you suffer from medium to hot (severe) acne problems it's important to give the gift of a facial steam with the powerful essential oil blend to your face.  I suggest doing a steam at least once a week, and up to three times a week depending upon the severity of your acne.  Facial steaming is the best method to open up clogged pores and allow impurities, dirt, bacteria, and microbes to be released.  This gives your skin a deep cleaning.  

The Clarity Essential Oil Blend is comprised of solely pure essential oils that soothe irritated, acne-prone, oily skin.

HOW TO USE:  After cleansing your face with The Clarity Foaming Face Wash heat 4 - 6 cups of water to almost boiling.  Pour water into a glass or metal bowl.  (Try not to use plastic.  It leeches.)  Add 3 - 4 drops of The Clarity Essential Oil Blend for Facial Steams to the water.  Put the bowl on a table.  Sit down in front of the bowl.  Drape a bath towel around your head and shoulders.  Bend your face down over the bowl and drape the towel around the bowl to create a steam tent.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax for 10 - 15 minutes.  The longer you can stay under the steam tent the better.  After steaming the next step is to use The Clarity Facial Sugar Scrub. 

Ingredients:  Pure essential oils of lemon, bergamot, and sage.

5 ml. orifice reducer glass bottle. 

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