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Our Sugar Scrubs are bestsellers!

There's a ton of sugar scrubs out there yet none are like MWL's!  We use a high-performance moisturizer that's molecularly similar to your skin cells.  It doesn't clog the pores and will leave your skin thirsting for more!

If you want silky smooth skin heading into dry, cold winter you need to stock up on this gentle exfoliator.

Uses for Sugar Scrubs:

  • Gentle enough to use on your face 1x per week.  Helps clean out debris, and dead cells that make your skin look older than it is.

  • Massage into areas you intend to shave or wax BEFORE shaving or waxing.  Your skin will be so smooth!

  • If you get splits in your hands come winter use every night before going to bed.  Bye-bye dead skin!

  • Over-sanitizing your hands and they're dry and peeling?  Read the above bullet.

  • Guys-before you shave your face massage in a sugar scrub, rinse, and then shave your face.  Your skin will feel so smooth.

  • Giving yourself or going to get a pedicure?  Use your own sugar scrub that's non-toxic and plant-based.  

Made with gentle vegetable castile soap and pure, plant-based essential oils that will bring your skin into balance. 


Made With Love Natural Skin Care provides the freshly made product;                 you provide the glass container

Pre-order your Sugar Scrub 6 oz. - 24 oz. by October 4th and get bulk discount pricing!  When the shipping option comes up at checkout choose "pick up at Gardiner studio".   There are 5 different aromatherapy blends. 

The pick-up dates are Sat. 10/23 - Sun. 10/24 from 12 - 5 pm.  

Schedule an appointment using the attached scheduling app.

Bring a clean glass jar-wide mouth quart size mason jars are perfect--to fill up with your favorite scrubs.  Plastic containers will not be filled.   

You can also purchase empty 6 oz. or 12 oz. jars to refill products as you need them.   

CITRUS SUGAR SCRUB INGREDIENTS:  Cane sugar, jojoba, lemon e.o., sweet orange e.o., pink grapefruit e.o.  Wake up to the sunshine smell of citrus.

CLARITY SUGAR SCRUB INGREDIENTS:  Cane sugar, jojoba, juniper e.o., bergamot e.o., geranium e.o.  This has a crisp, clean aroma. 

EL JEFE SUGAR SCRUB INGREDIENTS:  Cane sugar, jojoba, bay rum e.o., lime e.o., cypress e.o.  This has a spicy, woodsy smell for men (or women too 😊).  

REFRESH SUGAR SCRUB INGREDIENTS:  Cane sugar, jojoba, spearmint e.o., cedarwood e.o., frankincense e.o.  A minty, fresh aroma.

SUCCULENT SUGAR SCRUB INGREDIENTS:  Cane sugar, jojoba, lavender e.o., ylang-ylang e.o., lemongrass e.o.