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Luscious Lip Care Gift Bag

$ 16.00

Your lips are in for such a sweet treat!

So we took our ever-popular sugar scrub and recreated it to use as a lip scrub.  We added a yummy pineapple + tangerine flavor oil!  

You know how your lips get cracked in the winter from the cold, dry air, and when you reach for your lip stuff and it drags across your lips and they still aren't moist and soft!

Well...Made With Love has fixed that for you!  Use the scrub once a week.  Gently scrub your lips until the granules dissolve and then apply the creamiest lip balm you've ever tried!

 2 oz. Luscious Lip Scrub:  Cane sugar, liquid esther-wax, pineapple-tangerine flavor oil.

.15 oz. Simply Lip Balm:  Olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba.

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