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Foot Saver Kit

$ 40.00

Who Wants Smooth Heels???

I know I do.  I'm not comfortable when my heels feel dry and scaly.  I notice this mostly in the winter because my feet are shoved into heavy socks and boots most of the time. 

And then it happens.  I'll have the opportunity to get dressed up to go out to a function.  I'm excited about putting on those navy tights I haven't worn since last season.  I gently slide my foot into the tight and realize as I'm pulling the tights on my feet are so dry they're ripping my tights!!!!  Aaahhh!!!  Say it isn't so!!

Don't let this happen to you.  (FYI, this doesn't happen to me anymore). Take the time to take care of your feet this winter.  They'll thank you for it!

Our new Foot Saver Kit is a minty blast for your feet!

The first step is to soak your feet for about 10-15 minutes and scrub them with our amazing Refresh Sugar Scrub.  The second step is once your feet are dry slather on our Mint Foot Butter.  Try to do this once a week.  Your feet will thank you for it and you definitely won't be ripping tights due to your dry feet.  


Refresh Sugar Scrub 6 oz.:  Cane sugar, pure essential oils of spearmint, cedarwood and frankincense.  

Mint Foot Butter 2 oz.:  Coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, pure essential oils of wintergreen and peppermint.

SHELF LIFE:  Use up within 1.5 years of purchase. 



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