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Face Care Sample Kit

$ 20.00

NEW!  You asked for it, you got it!

We know.  It's really hard to choose a face care product when you can't smell it or slather it on your skin.

Just for you, lovely, we've created sample sizes of our face wash, serum, and face crèmes.  Great for you.  The bottles and jars are small, yet mighty.  They typically last a few weeks which is more than long enough for you to see and feel the difference. 

What's included:

  • Succulent Face Wash - our bestseller!  It cleanses and moisturizes your skin.  Made with vegetable castile soap, a vegan option, and essential oils - lavender, ylang-ylang, and lemongrass.  1 oz. bottle.
  • Glow Facial Serum - another bestseller!  Gives your skin that extra "umph" it needs as it ages.  Made With Love's all about EMBR•AGING™ naturally - embrace aging, naturally.  Using Glow Facial Serum in the morning will give you the dewy, hydrated feeling you're looking for.  Made with high-performance natural oils your skin will absorb AND not react negatively to.  You won't have greasy skin...promise!  Frankincense and clary sage essential oils tighten and tone the skin.  1 dram bottle.
  • Calendula Eye & Face Crème - what?  Another bestseller????  Yes, lovely, it's true.  A thick, and rich moisturizer for all skin types, especially dry, that won't clog your pores.  We use this as a night crème and wake up with fresh, dewy, younger looking skin!  Made with calendula-infused olive oil we brew in our Gardiner, NY production studio, and a touch of lavender essential oil.  1/2 oz. jar.
  • Calendula Lite Eye & Face Crème - a vegan option.  Great for skin that's normal to oily.  It won't clog your pores.  Made with vegetable waxes and a touch of lavender essential oil.  1/2 oz. jar. 


We use a natural preservative in our products because it's a healthier option.  Our products are meant to be enjoyed, not sitting on a shelf for years.

Please moisturize responsibly and use this kit up within 1 year of purchase.😊

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