El Jefe Facial Serum For Men

Men can moisturize their face...naturally.

We get it.  Men don't like a heavy, greasy feeling.  

Our El Jefe Facial Serum For Men was created with that in mind.  Only plant-based ingredients that are quickly absorbed by the skin are used.

Great for all skin types.

One pump is all it takes to provide the hydration his skin needs.  

Bay rum, lime, and cypress pure essential oils are used to create a spicy, woodsy, smell.  Yes...he'll be growing a beard, wearing flannel and boots in no time.  😉😉😉

His skin is like a canvas.  To create that beautiful picture it all starts with cleansers and sugar scrubs.  Check out the other products that work synergistically; building on each other.  El Jefe Foaming Face Wash and El Jefe Facial Sugar Scrub.


Ingredients:  Argan oil, jojoba, bay rum essential oil, lime essential oil, cypress essential oil.

1 oz. glass bottle with treatment pump


  • $ 26.00