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Dude Care Gift Bag

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Real Men Moisturize!

Yes, they do!  And they should be doing it with natural skin care products made to truly nourish the skin.

This little gift bag includes:

1 oz. El Jefe Body Crème, 1/2 oz. Face Crème for Dudes, 2 oz. Citrus Sugar Scrub (scrub can be used on face & body).

The El Jefe Body Crème is made with the intoxicating aromas of bay rum, lime and cypress.  You won't stop sniffing your man!

Face Crème for Dudes is made with calendula oil and lavender pure essential oil.  It nourishes the skin but doesn't clog the pores.

Citrus Sugar Scrub is a customer favorite!  It can be used once a week on the face.  Great for guys to use before shaving for a closer shave.  Two to three times a week it can be used on the rest of the body. 

Guys, your significant other will appreciate the care you take with your skin! 


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