Made With Love Natural Skin Care
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Hey Love, I'm so excited you're trying the Made With Love Super Sampler which has a five of our best sellers. The jars are small but what's inside is mighty! Our products are made in small batches using wholesome ingredients, botanicals and pure essential oils. They're meant to be used. Nourish your skin! Now! Start using when you get it. Store in the fridge if you're not able to use it within a month of receiving. Our products are Farm-To-Face™ fresh. We use a natural preservative which helps with shelf life, however, they're not meant to sit for multiple years on a shelf. If that was the case we'd have to use crappy, cancer causing preservatives. Like those found in mass produced products. Yuck!! 1- Calendula Eye & Face Crème: Can be used as a day or night crème. Use a small dab; massage into skin. Apply to your neck, chin, entire face and eyes. Give it a few minutes to soak into your skin before applying makeup. 2- Succulent Body Crème: Amazing body crème that will change the texture of your skin! Start with a small dab & massage into your skin. Apply all over your body. This has helped eczema, psoriasis, radiation burns, sunburns and more. 3- Citrus Sugar Scrub: Exfoliator & moisturizer in one! Use 1x/week on your face (yes, your face). Use 3x/week on the rest of your body. It will give you silky, smooth skin without a heavy greasy feeling. For split fingers you can use every day on your hands. 4- Mint Foot Butter: A soothing, minty treat for your feet. Start with a dab & massage into feet. For really dry skin apply at night. Put a sock on so it can soak in. 5- Healthy Home Spray: A natural antimicrobial, antibacterial spray. Spray on sheets, pillows, mattress, pet beds, litter box, yoga mats, shoe liners, bathrooms, cars, classrooms, airplanes, etc.