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We asked our favorite customers what was their biggest skin issue challenge. They wanted products that could help their skin look and feel better as they got older that was natural, didn't have hidden toxic chemicals and did what it promised

Michele, our founder & chief formulator, created our new line - Revive because you asked.  She researched and tested (we don't test on animals 'cause there really is no need for that!) the best high-performance oils, botanicals and pure essential oils for aging skin and used them in the Revive line.  

Even though it's expensive, Michele chose to work with Rose Otto pure essential oil in her formulations.  It is the best essential oil for maturing skin!!!  Did you know it takes 30 rose petals to make 1 drop of essential oil?  One drop!  

Most manufacturers use rose fragrance oil.  That isn't the real deal.  There is no therapeutic value since it's man-made, created in a lab just for the aroma.  Don't be fooled.  

The feedback to the Revive line has been absolutely wonderful!  So many women are amazed at how good their skin looks and feels.  They are even getting compliments from their friends and families!   


If You Want Beautiful, Glowing Skin DON'T Do These 5 Things!

Hey Beautiful! You don't really want to look like Abby as you age! (Psst...Abby is the alligator !) Make sure you aren't making the 5 mistakes that prevent your skin from glowing. Leave your info. below and we'll send you your free report right away!