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The Clarity Facial Masque - Acne

The Clarity Facial Masque - Acne

$ 26.00

Acne has met its match!

The Clarity Line was created to soothe, nourish and heal acne-prone skin without stripping it dry.

After cleansing your skin with The Clarity Foaming Face Wash, steaming with The Clarity Essential Oil Blend, and exfoliating with The Clarity Facial Sugar Scrub the next step to pull out deep impurities is to treat your face to The Clarity Facial Masque.  It's made out of specific clays with strong pulling powers needed for irritated, acne, and oily skin.  

This is a dry masque.  This allows you to customize your masque by adding wet ingredients.  The Clarity Protocol PDF, which you'll get with your order, lays out a list of common pantry items to add to the dry masque depending upon the level of your irritated, acne-prone, oily skin.  For example, you'll add apple cider vinegar or full-fat yogurt, etc.  Every week you can try a different menstruum for your skin type.  Isn't that fun???

HOW TO USE:  After cleansing, steaming, and exfoliating your skin it's time to apply your clay masque.  Start with a 1:1 ratio of dry masque to wet ingredient.  Mix to form a thick paste.  Spread all over face and neck excluding your eyes.  Leave on until masque dries.  Rinse off with warm water.  Moisturize your skin with The Clarity Facial Serum if it's morning or The Clarity Face Crème if it's evening.

Ingredients:  Bentonite clay, morrocan clay, rose clay.

1.7 oz. glass jar.