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This week: Combination Skin!

Aarti Arawat

Combination skin has two or more skin types present on the face like flaky skin in some areas and excessive oil on the others. It can be a little difficult to treat and identify whether or not you have combination skin. Usually, having a shiny T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin) means you have combination skin.  This care routine should consist of finding products strong enough to exfoliate yet at the same time not irritate the skin. 


Natural ingredients are your best friends always, but especially in this case. Harsh chemicals can dry out the dry spots on your face hence increasing the oil production in the oily areas to compensate. So cleansers and your overall products should have ingredients that are natural and gentle on the skin like Our Succulent Foaming Face Wash! 


Make sure you’re exfoliating! The dry flakes can rest on the surface of your skin and the excess oil will clog your pore. Gentle exfoliation will unclog those pores and keep the dead skin cells off your face that can make it look dull. Gentle and natural ingredients will do you good, try our Citrus Sugar Scrub! Gentle enough, won’t leave a greasy residue and will leave your skin soft! 


Fake fragrances do good to no one! They can leave your skin DRY and they are cancer causing.  

Dry skin is often caused by irritation from products that contain harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Natural ingredients are your best bet which can be found in our products like our Calendula Eye & Face Créme. 

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