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The Dangers of Bug Spray!

Ellie Pena

Summer time! Being outside is definitely the perk, but don’t you ever find yourself enjoy a cup a tea with your best friend outside and get all bitten up by mosquitos because you forgot your repellent because you didn’t want to smell bad? ME TOO! Mosquito bites are almost unbearable but the products we use to keep them away can be dangerous. Insect repellents are filled with toxic chemicals like DEET which is terribly poisonous! The Environmental Protection Agency recommends washing it off the skin and not to inhale because of how toxic it is. The chemical DEET may impair cell function.  Permethrin, a chemical found in commercially made bug sprays, can kill brain cells and it damages the environment! It’s a carcinogenic which can cause lung tumors, and problems with your immune system. These sprays that sit on our skin and seep into our bloodstream are more pesky and dangerous than the mosquito itself. 

Natural alternatives are best to look at in these situations. Do not settle for getting bit either. Natural based products and remedies that can keep you safe and not itchy! Plant some geranium, horsemint or marigold in your garden, they help keep bugs way! Try our Bug Off spray, it’s a light oil spray that will stay on your skin and keep those darn mosquitos away! It has Citronella, eucalyptus, geranium, lemongrass, lemon tea tree and cedarwood pure essential oil which are the best to keep the bugs away and they smell great! The best part is, it’s natural and not a danger to your health! You can even use it on your pets! 

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