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Summer Skin Care Regimen

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It’s the end of June and it’s officially summer!  Yes!  How I love summer!  My office is outdoors now.  I have a big beautiful gazebo to sit under and, thanks to technology, a wifi signal I can connect to. [Insert photo here].  The hammock gives me a moment to unwind and just stare at the clouds.


Here in the Hudson Valley of NY state the weather has been absolutely gorgeous weather.  Day time temps no higher than 80.  And the best part…low humidity! 

I’m not a big fan of humidity.  By the end of the day I feel all hot, sticky and grimy.  It’s going in and out of the studio.  Making product it gets hot inside even though I have the air on…because the stove is on. 

So I’ll take 2-3 showers a day if it’s super humid. 

With the change in season what I crave, and maybe you do too, are a lot more fresh veggies and fruit.  It’s so much easier to prep a salad that actually cook.   

My skin craves different things as the seasons change too.  I still need to moisturize but change up what I’m using.

I want lighter products, nothing too heavy.  I change up my face wash too.  I want to a little bit of astringency for my face when the humidity increases.  And I still make sure to moisturize at night after washing my face.  I add a toner to my morning routine.

For body moisturizer I switch from Succulent Body Crème to Lemongrass-Bergamot Body Crème.  It’s lighter in consistency and leaves a silky feeling on my skin. 

Your body and sensed get used to the same products.  After a while you may notice they don’t help your skin like they used to.  So changing it up with the seasons gives your skin a break from the same routine plus it needs different nourishing when seasons change.  My skin is aging.  It has dry spots, mainly my cheeks.  My T-zone can get a bit shiny.  I wouldn't say my skin is oily.  It's more normal to dry.  

Here’s my summer skin care regimen which can work for all skin types except for the extremely dry types.


Wash my face with Oil Be Gone Foaming Face Wash.

Tone my face with the new Rose Revive Facial Toner [coming out real soon!] or the DIY Summer Facial Toner I shared in the previous blog post

Moisturize with Glow Facial Serum or the new Revive Facial Serum [also, coming out real soon].


Rinse my face with H2O in the shower

Use the Clarity Sugar Scrub on my face 1 x per week, in the shower.

Use it on my body 2 - 3 x per week, especially before shaving.

Moisturize my face with Glow Facial Serum or the new Revive Facial Serum.

Moisturize my body with Lemongrass-Bergamot Body Crème.

And that’s how I feel good with the skin I’m in.

If you need help determining what products can help you have fabulous summer skin just reply to the original email.  I'd be more than happy to help you!

Leave a comment below and please share this information with someone who needs natural skin care in their lives.

Until next week xoxo.

With Love + Gratitude,


Crème Artisan.  Alchemist.  Good Skin Creator.

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