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Pros and Cons on Sweat for the skin:

Ellie Pena

Sweating has its pros and cons when it comes to the skin. In this blog article, we will dive into the good and bad things about sweat for the skin and end with some tips on how to better care for it post sweat! 


Breaking a good sweat, always feels great during a productive workout or enjoying the nice relaxing heat of the summer. Sweat regulates body temperature and is your body’s way of telling you to rehydrate. Sweat helps hydrate the skin since it has minerals and salt that help out with conditions like dry skin. Sweating is your body’s natural way of getting rid of all those toxins, bacteria, oil and dirt! 


However, to every pro, there is always a con! 


Sweating helps with flushing out those toxins but when the skin reabsorbs these impurities if you haven’t given your skin a wash, can alter your PH and lead to rash and irritation. Also, there isn’t always a great smell that comes with sweating. 


It’s important to get all the benefits from breaking a sweat and avoid any chance of a breakout or irritation from sweating. So: 

  1. Before your break a sweat, have a clean face! Wash before. 
  2. Make sure you’re staying hydrated! Have water handy, the more you are hydrated the less you are likely to be irritated or get a rash. Water lowers the skin’s imbalance in pH. 
  3. Shower after your workout or anytime you’re sweaty! You don’t want these bad toxins being reabsorbed in your body, focus on washing parts of your body where sweat builds up other than your face. Make sure to be using natural products and exfoliate! 
  4. Use PH balanced antiperspirant. It will put balance back into your skin. 

Sweat is perfectly natural and normal, however take care of your skin before and after you sweat! 

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