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Caring for Dry Skin Type

Ellie Pena

Tightness in your skin, flaky or scaly patches are all traits of a dry skin type. Don’t worry, there are many ways you can treat and care for this skin type in particular like lifestyle habits, drinking water, avoiding harsh cleansers and a consistent care routine. 

Regardless of the reason you have dry skin, whether it stems from genetics, sun damage or your health: what dry skin means is that your skin cannot maintain a level of normal moisture. With that being said, it’s crucial for your dry skin type to be hydrated. 

First things first: Stop using drying and damaging products that make your skin even more dry like: Harsh cleansers and products with ingredients like alcohol and fragrance that only dry out your skin. 

  1. Sunscreen! Unprotected exposure to the sun can cause your skin to chip away, it makes the skin unable to hold moisture and cause wrinkles and skin tone to develop. Who wants that?
  2.   Add moisturizer and serums to your routine! They have many skin replenishing ingredients. These help skin rebuild itself, retain water and glow! 
  3. Exfoliation: This is key for all skin types, gentle exfoliation to help shed the build up dead skin. It’ll leave your skin smooth and less flaky. 
  4. Exposure to dry environments, cold or low humidity can be problematic, add a humidifier to your space. 

It’s important to drink water always but especially for dry skin types! It takes more than 8 glasses to see a benefit. Wash with warm water, not hot: It will only make your skin drier. Be gentle with your skin, especially with your cleanser. Our Succulent Foaming Face Wash is great for all skin types which will gently cleanse without stripping the natural oils from your skin. It’s great for all skin types, including dry!!!! After you cleanse, make sure you’re applying moisturizer to damp skin. Moisturizing properly is essential to this skin type in particular so make sure that you’re applying both morning and night. Another tip, for make up users, use makeup formulated for dry skin. 

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